Fori Imperiali

Rome Fori Imperiali Apartments

Let the power of the Empire live again! Renting one of the Rome apartments close to the Imperial Forums, in the very heart of the Italian capital, you can spend an unforgettable vacation a few steps from the long alleys where, in the past, the Emperors rode acclaimed, the marble stones of ancient and imposing temples, basilicas and public buildings. Glancing from the terrace or the windows of the self catering apartments in Rome not far from the Imperial Forums, you will be charmed by the elusive atmosphere of strenght and wonder that this archaelogical site always reflects. Whether you are leaving for a short term holiday or – why not? – a long term stay, this is one of the most fascinating districts in Rome where to rent one of our furnished apartments. Choose among the following properties to rent on Rome Sweet Home or fill in the search form to select the best solution for your vacation!